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Concerning the issues with the discussions

Alright I was sick at the discussions and I cannot keep my silence any longer


Please don't make any alts or alternative accounts just to harass others. This isn't right. Anyone who makes alternative accounts will either get banned by us or by the FANDOM staff. That does not mean you cannot make alts. You can if you, for example, forget the password for your first account. You just cannot make an alt to evade a ban or harass others.


Please be respectful and kind to all members. And Please no more weird jokes such as the UwU yandere jokes around specific members of the community. It's making everyone uncomfortable and it needs to stop. Be mature guys. Aggressive behavior isn't welcome here.

Regarding toxic behavior

Please stop with toxic behavior, for example, anger issues and lashing out at innocent people for your own issues. If you have some issues, try consulting with your therapist

the obvious

Please follow the rules and the guidelines of the Countryhumans Wiki. NSFW isn't allowed or allowed here. If you really can't take it, please do it privately, we have a lot of people in the community who is under the age of 18. This includes dirty jokes as well,

Please no flirting here. If you guys want to flirt, do it privately, please


Please keep your memes less controversial/political. Some people might not politically agree with you, which can cause lots of arguments which kind of needs to stop.

the thing regarding the drama

And for Allah's sake, please no more drama. Thank you

-The most irrelevant admin that disappeared for some reason