CountryHumans Wiki

As of now, my passion to work on this wiki is no more, as of right now. I don't have the same passion for Countryhumans now than back in 2019. I do want to consider coming back to editing if my passion is back, but not now. I just can't handle these responsibilities to you and I am so lacking in moderation these days that I might as well quit. I rather have someone in position who is responsible for this wiki.

However, I am grateful for this journey, this wiki taught me new things, more specifically, improvement on coding. Bon was able to slowly help me for learning to code well, and although it is just the beginning, my experience from this wiki helped me do more things than I could've learned within a year. And therefore, a chapter of my life has been closed.  Thank you everyone for helping this wiki, whether old or new, as the final original member of this wiki, I hope y'all can do well for yourselves, as I must deal with my life.