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My Ideologies and thoughts

my belief is all scrambled and I have a lot of thoughts that go against eachother.

  • I am a independent and I stand with the belief that the Democrats and Republicans are worthless and should be abolished to make room for new parties.
    • I have a mix of conservative and liberal thoughts.
  • I believe ecocapitalsim and ecosocialism will eventually become the base of success.
  • I believe all fascists should be dead.
  • I believe in a confederal union where every state has the choice of staying on the state level, becoming a republic or monarchy, and can join together to form bigger states or a country
    • Virginia should be given more power due to us being the birthplace of the us.
    • I want a Independent Virginia or a Autonomous Virginian republic under a confederal Union.
    • Secession is invalid if the state in question does not have a good enough for secession.
    • Bermuda, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia should be brought into Virginia (and any other state that wants to join).
  • politicians should be injected with a truth serum on stage and to talk about their plan in office and those who don’t can’t run for offices.
  • In a war if one side wins the other should be able to annex territories
    • If a war with Russia vs United States happens and the US wins Russia should be broken apart and annexation of the Far East should happen.
    • If a war with China vs United States happens and the US wins Taiwan should be returned back to being the rightful China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet (personally i think tibet should be granted their freedom from china), and Eastern Turkestan should be given the choice of freedom or joining there original owners or they can join the union.

What I plan to work on

  • Galleries
    • Add former country flags that are considered past iterations of that country.
    • Maybe add some artwork of mine (if I think there good enough) or somebody else’s.
  • Work in my sandbox.
    • get Peru-Bolivian Confederation and Makhnovia to work on the others I have.
  • Work on the Militaryhumans and Partieshumanized wiki

Creating and what I want to put on here

All the countries I’m working on are in my sandbox.



Where I find countries