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Algeria-Pictogram Algeria is located in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea, a member of the African Union. A large part of Algeria is covered by the Sahara deserts and semi-arid deserts. It shares its borders with Libya, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Western Sahara, and Tunisia.

She's one of those rather infamous country humans characters, although she's inevitably popular in the Maghrebians who are in the fandom, there's not a lot of information about her.



Female Version:

Fem! Algeria doesn't have a predetermined appearance but has two of her most popular versions.

On the first one, Algeria wears a black jacket with a light fur hood. She has a pink sweater underneath, she also wears navy blue trousers and black shoes with a white front, on the left side of her head, there is a red flower attached.

When it comes to the second version, she wears a white shirt with a collar, a navy blue dress with straps, grey trousers and burgundy mary janes with a flat sole, she has a hijab on her head and, just like in the first version, has a flower on the left side of her head.

Male Version:

The same with the male version, as he has two of his most popular versions.

On the first one, Algeria wears a navy blue and white striped shirt, its sleeves are short so they make it look like a summer shirt (some would depict them long), he wears black or navy blue pants and black shoes too, he always wears - for some unknown reason - a red scarf and a black hat looks just like the "Beret", which is a French hat, this version gives him an outfit similar to his mother's outfit, as it created a kind of controversy among the Maghrebians fans, especially the Algerians; because it embodies Algeria with a French appearance, and this didn't appeal to them, luckily that controversy ended.

When it comes to the second version, he usually wears a white shirt under a simple black coat, he always keeps it open since it has no zipper or buttons, just like the first version he wears black pants and black shoes as well, besides he covers his hands with black fingerless gloves. There's something different in this version that distinguishes it from the others versions, it's the wings....,  usually this version's fans - who are in fact few - depict them big and bright whites, in almost common way some depict them with some scars due to French colonialism, those wings are perhaps a symbol of his freedom and independence after he was a French Algeria-Pictogram "French Colony".


The point of the character is the same as the point of appearance. 

It may be probable that maybe she's hot-blooded, nervous, very brave in hard times and love soccer. The two greatest advantages of Algeria are courage and hospitality. She is kind-hearted. Algeria fights a lot especially and is angry during Ramadan. Algeria has the strength and bravery to withstand anything life throws at them and will help you under any circumstance. Admit to her faults and apologize for them. she's a troublemaker and loves to laugh.

According to the current headcanons of the Maghrebians fandom - especially her fans - which quickly spread among them, the reason for her anger and anxiety is attributed to the bloody events she saw, which occurred between December 26, 1991 - February 8, 2002 known as the "Black/Red Decade" or "Algerian Civil War", as well as the French colonialism that lasted for 132 years, usually her grief turned into an anger, perhaps because she doesn't want from others to see her in her weakness cases, her losing lots of important people in her life such as: Turkey-Pictogram Ottoman Empire, USSR-Pictogram USSR ...... etc, made her suffer from a kind-of fear of losing another person close to her heart, she sometimes doesn't trust the new people she meets, because the betrayals she had been through in the past, the most important of which was the betrayal of her older brother Morocco, although she's an open-minded person who accepts new ideas and the differences, she's completely against the LGBT rights, because it's inconsistent with the content of her religion: Islam, from this standpoint we can conclude she's a really religious person, she also really cares for the family and considers it an important matter, that must has a high and especially status, although she never had a healthy relationship with her mother France-Pictogram France and her older brother Morocco, she really has a wonderful and harmonious relationship with the rest of her family, or at least most of them.


Possibly loves to play soccer and also traditional crafts include knotted and woven carpets made from wool or goat hair; basket-weaving; pottery, silver jewelry; intricate embroidery; and brassware.

Flag Meaning

The flag consists of two equal vertical stripes in green and white. The first one symbolizes the religion of this country, which is Islam, while the white one refers to moral purity. In the central part, there is a crescent with a star, which is generally associated with a Muslim symbol.

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