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Germany-Pictogram Germany is a country in the East side of Europe and a member of the Euro Union-Pictogram European Union. It has access to the North Sea and is surrounded by the Netherlands-Pictogram Netherlands, Belgium-Pictogram Belgium, France-Pictogram France, Switzerland-Pictogram Switzerland, Denmark-Pictogram Denmark, Poland-Pictogram Poland, Luxembourg-Pictogram Luxembourg, the Czech Republic-Pictogram Czech Republic, and Austria-Pictogram Austria.

Germany is one of the popular Countryhumans characters, but not as Poland-Pictogram Poland, Russia-Pictogram Russia or the United States-Pictogram United States, however, he still has a high rank in the fans' hearts



Male version:

He's usually depicted as wearing professional clothes like a white shirt with a red tie, black straight pants, and glasses. He's also represented with a military suit of commanders of Prussia.

Female version:

Note: this is a little-known version due to the fact that this country is mainly described as male.

Almost like her male counterpart, Fem! Germany usually wears a formal white shirt with a collar and red tie black as well as straps tied to her black skirt, the sleeves are usually long but she flexes them to be at her elbows, she can also be seen wearing a military suit of commanders of Prussia, just like the male version.


He's seen as a workaholic and it's hard to make him laugh. He hates to break the law and fight people. He's not always boring because he loves to party. He has heavy mood swings from sad to happy because he has bipolar disorder. He is in general very calm (when he is not partying).

He's really into fighting climate change, he wants to protect the planet with the power of the bikes and recycling. He also started to close his nuclear power station (but still buying electricity to his neighbors).


  • He loves work but he also loves drinking beer, eats sausages (he has several sorts of differents sausages) and pretzels in general.
  • He also loves ice hockey, football, basketball, and handball. He is really proud of his zeppelins.

Flag meaning

The colors of the flag of Germany somewhat resemble the colors used in the Roman Empire, which were just black and gold. Germans associate the colors of the modern flag with freedom and unity since they were adopted by the first attempt in the united German republic. In the Weimar Republic, following the First World War, the colors black, red, and gold represented the colors of the centrist, republican and democratic political parties. which had formed a coalition to avoid ascension to power by war-mongering or pacifist extremists.

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